Interior design styles
Publications on interior give nice home installation examples but one cannot forget that in order to create good style, harmony of beauty and convenience it is not enough to choose beautiful separate interior decoration elements or try to copy location of furniture.
Each home and each man needs individual space reflecting his personality, way of life, intellect and hobbies.
The advantage of this interior is that it remains fashionable for a long time.
Variation scale of classical interior is rather wide: baroque, rococo, classicism and empire style.
Those styles intertwine very often when creating classical interior. Decorative modelling on the walls and the ceilings, columns, hardwood floors, natural stone (marble), luxurious textile, abundance of decor and classical forms of furniture, distinguish this style from the others.
Modern classics
It is – the use of classical elements in modern environment. In order not to divert to eclectics it is important to keep balance between the present tendencies and classical forms. The accents of classical interior are more simple and subtle and the modern side of this style will give the sense of cleanness and space.
It is fashionable, extravagant and functional style of interior.
The quality of this style asserts by clear lines and exclusiveness of decoration materials. It is metal, lacquered surface of furniture, decor of exotic timber. Only the most necessary elements of design are used thoroughly evaluating their impact on the aesthetics of the space.
It is complete refusal of unnecessary details of decor. There dominates white colour which mostly shows up the form of space. Light is the main expression of decoration, and quadrate and rectangle are the main forms of this style of interior. Most often the accents of decor are used that show up by really high quality or non-volatile value.
It is the expression of folk style. Natural decoration materials are used there: stone, wood, clay, metal and natural textile. The forms of furniture and interior accessories are not purified and are left coarse but convenient. Chromatic solution is of ethnographic character and it depends on the peculiarities of a country or a region.
This style is mostly connected with one or the other style of historical location: Egyptian, Japan and Indian. Aesthetic character, elements of decor and peculiarities of lifestyle are shown up in the environment peculiar to a certain culture, adapting them to concrete present environment.
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