Custom furniture

Historically Trees and Man had strong binds. Our ancestors firmly believed that a tree gives energy, longevity and harmony for their homes. The hands of best masters for centuries shaped and sparked the trees with life. Wooden furniture decorated homes giving them cosiness and warmth.
Any style of furniture is beautiful when the proportions are duly observed, right materials are chosen as well as the colour and elements of décor. Of course, high quality determines everything. For your home we will create the highest quality, unitary, hand-made furniture for your dining-room, living-room, sleeping & working rooms, decoration details for fireplaces, interior accessories and wooden sculptures.
Our masters can create wooden furniture of different styles – from classic ones with a lot of carvings, amber & glass incrustations bringing luxuriously to your home, or subtle form modern ones. We believe that wooden furniture retains curative peculiarities of a tree, calms and brings the cosiness to your home.
Individually and only for you created piece of furniture or a detail of decor will make your home interior exclusive and bring extravagant aesthetics.
High quality, unique hand-made furniture or interior details will become a treasure of your home.

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